Weddings are beautiful, but above all the process of planning for one is stressful for more reasons than one. Not only are you hoping to get all of you friends and family in one place to celebrate your big day, but also you’re expected to do it within the constraints of a budget. It’s no wonder they have made the frantic journey towards a wedding day into a reality TV show, as the whole planning is jam packed with drama indeed.

An average wedding budget is approximately $30,000 but as the saying goes, it’s never wise to compare yourself with others. When it comes to understanding what you are expected to be billed for this union of love, it is good to have a rough gauge so that you can trim your ideas down to something feasible yet impactful. Now, with a budget in mind and a dream to fulfill, how can we have a grand wedding?

Here are 8 tips on how you can achieve just that!


1) Wedding Venue and Catering

Exclusive and ideal wedding venues can be a major concern when working within a budget. Venues are usually in high demand with dates pre-booked way in advance and sky high rental costs. Therefore, it's easy to miss out on your “dream” date and location for your special day. Now, here is where you need to get creative! Look for locations beyond the city limits, there are tons of unique, exotic spots with beautiful scenery waiting to be explored that could cost a lot less. Throw in the right amount of wedding decorations to bring out the theme and atmosphere you desire.


The best way to save on food, drink, and desserts for your wedding is to provide your own, you can get a family restaurant on board, or prepare the dishes yourself. Getting friends and family involved, will not only lessen the financial burden but provide reassurance on the quality and flavor familiar to you. If you don’t want to do your own preparations for food and drinks then consider serving heavy appetizers instead of a sit-down meal, and find a venue that allows you to bring your own liquor, beer, and wine. The bar tab is generally the most expensive part of the refreshments.


2) Wedding Photographer & Videographer

When your wedding is all said and done, you want to make sure you captured every beautiful moment and emotions for keepsake, which unfortunately can be very expensive. Consider ways to save on this. Photography and videography is a growing hobby today and since the term “Instagramable” came into the norm it seems almost everyone can be great behind the lens. Making use of this popular skill and hiring an amateur or perhaps a savvy family member to provide this service would certainly cut costs while providing those photo moments you longed for.


3) Wedding Ceremony and Music

Music can define the mood, emit romance, fun, celebration and is an important element of any special occasion. Professional musicians can be expensive to hire, this is inclusive of bands and DJ’s. For an affordable alternative, look at hiring student musicians, indie bands or consider inviting friends or family members to perform. This can also add a sentimental element to the event.


4) Wedding Décor

It’s easy to go get carried away and let the budget get out of control when decorating your venue, but luckily there are many ways to save. Wedding flowers can cost thousands, but if you are frugal you can easily cut your flower bill down to only a couple hundreds and still have beautiful arrangements. Be smart about what types of flowers you choose, and think about how you can re-purpose them throughout the wedding. Go to wholesalers like your local markets and only go to the florists for the arranging.

Sometimes less is more, and this will help you keep the price of decorating your wedding ceremony venue reasonable. Get a solid theme and run that throughout so you can reuse certain items, and just change the bigger things. Have fun with it, and get creative, Pinterest is a good site for DIY solutions!



5) Wedding Attire

This is known as the bride’s favourite element to the wedding, the princess feeling all comes down to the wedding dress. Fortunately, it is also easy to save money on the dress if the bride sticks to her budget and shops wisely. You can buy material and send it to certain factories around Asia that make dresses which will be cheaper than any designer dresses or look at online sites such as ezbuy. Even though most people will be looking at the bride, it’s also important that the groom looks dapper and of course matches the bride and the theme. Luckily, menswear is not nearly as costly in comparison. Men do have flexibility when choosing what they will wear on the big day and can consider alternatives to tuxedos, or even rent one for the one-day occasion.


6) The Bridal Make Up

Having a stylist come to you on your big day may be convenient, but the big bill may cause unwanted stress. Doing your own hair or going to a cosmetology school are two great ways to avoid spending a fortune on your hairdo, and get amazing results too. The same holds true for the bride’s makeup. If you have a professional do your makeup, it can be expensive. Alternatively, if you have your own make up you can get your girl friends or fellow bridesmaids to help out! Alternatively, you could also go on coupon sites for the best makeup salon packages or free makeovers.

7) Wedding Jewelry

Exchanging of rings during the wedding ceremony is not the only bit of glitter on the day, the bride will most likely want to wear a few pieces of jewelry to complement her wedding gown. The best way to avoid spending above your jewelry budget is to stay out of high-end stores. Use your family heirloom jewelry or even rent from the shop if really necessary.


8) Wedding Invitations & Favours

The wedding invitations are another category where you can save a ton of money by doing part of it or all of it yourself, designing yourself and going to a print shop is definitely a cheaper option than pre-orders and pre-designs. Another alternative, is sending E-invites as everyone is generally online these days.

It is traditional to give wedding favours to your guests as an appreciation for their loving support of your marriage. When you have a large wedding, the cost of favors can be fairly expensive, so consider making them yourself, by doing something as simple as a small gift bag of something quirky and usable, or even burn a CD of your favourite playlist or pictures of the planning process. It's the thought that counts right?

Planning a wedding can be the ultimate exercise in stress management. At times, it may feel as if you are being asked to juggle ball while jumping through flaming hoops of fire, with a can-do smile on your face. Therefore, plan your wedding brilliantly with ezbuy today!

This article was written & contributed by ezbuy Malaysia. 

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