Looking for a place to plan the perfect wedding dinner? Dewan Mutiara’s @ Jalan Mutiara will do the trick for you!

I was pleased to discover this chain when I was out on a shopping excursion near Jalan Ipoh.

Dewan Mutiara offers a wide breadth of services and venues, all at an affordable price! Price starts from RM3800 with fully air-conditioned. Despite this being very cheap, when most other places are charging RM7000-RM10000 onwards, the quality of both the venue and of their in-house catering services are very good.


Believe it or not, you can start renting the hall from RM200 only for other functions as well such as birthday party, functions, business gathering.

They had plenty of amenities, and the staff was super friendly!

I asked for a quick tour of the place as I was also interested in using their venue to host my upcoming wedding.

I found out that they have a comfortable 700-seater hall, with the latest conference technology and high-speed Internet access, which is an ideal venue for wedding dinner.

The hall’s large size is perfect for any wedding dinner. Considering that you can have up to 700 guests (and perhaps a few more if you squeeze everybody together), this hall is perfect for any large wedding. (And we all know how big extended Chinese families can get.)

Next, I was brought to their five function rooms which are also equipped with Internet access which will further facilitate the organization of meetings, seminars, and workshops.

There were also 2 VIP lounges on the same floor that acted as a transit lounge for the wedding couple. They also had spaces in the longue for the couple to relax and the perfect spot right over in a corner (I checked) for the ultimate ice sculpture.

Other facilities also available at their premises were a non-halal kitchen, a halal kitchen, and a reception lobby. Both kitchens had the right amount of staff and were kept to utmost standards regarding cleanliness. I could literally see my reflection on the tile floor. Their halal kitchen was obviously halal certified.

I was then brought to the parking area and shown the ample parking space that they had! I was impressed! This hall had plenty of parking space, which made it ideal for guests that were traveling by car.

Cheap does not necessarily mean bad. I mean, how many times have you eaten at a roadside hawker stall for less than 8 and enjoyed it more than that 5-star dinner you were forced to eat (and pay for, to boot)?

Or the time you bought a Pasar Malam Gucci watch and it fell apart days later and found the same thing (but this time, original) for slightly more on Carousell? With this, I can only say that it is always quality over quantity, but Dewan Mutiara’s best-selling point is that does not stinge on either.

The quality of the venue is not offset by anything negative at all.  In fact, it was as though I had stepped into the combined size of some hotel’s ballrooms, several times over. The carpeting was plush, and the place was spick and span. I walked around the space for a bit, tested their available microphones and lights and was not disappointed in the slightest.

This being a hall, they are extremely flexible as to how the food is supplied; you do not necessarily have to use their kitchens to prepare the food. In fact, you can bring in your preferred catering services or even your chef to cook for the event.

Would recommend to anyone who is looking to save on their wedding expenses or has a tight budget for their wedding dinner.  Not only do you save on price but you get infinitely more bang for your buck. To be honest, I’ve never seen any place offer this kind of comfort and quality for such a low, affordable price.

Most places in fact, will either be very well-groomed but very, very expensive or will be dirt cheap and well, dirty. Dewan Mutiara manages to offset both negative qualities and combine the positives for an overall experience that will take your breath away.

Trust me; you would not be disappointed at all. The hall is grand, full with facilities with unbeatable price.

Kudos, Dewan Mutiara!

Also, I hope you’ll excuse me while I settle down with a full belly and rethink my life choices.

In this regard, I have no regrets.

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Dewan Mutiara 珍珠大会堂

No.568-4-5 Kompleks Mutiara,

3rd mile Jalan Ipoh

51200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-6250 3218

Email: enquiry@dewanmutiara.com

Website: http://www.dewanmutiara.com/


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